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Why Work Friends?

  • Finding quality staff is a major challenge globally.
  • The biggest untapped pool of quality candidates is via employees referring their own connections.
  • Maximising employee referrals is a crucial element to any successful recruitment strategy.
  • Work Friends is brought to you by one of the Top 50 most innovative companies in the UK.

Introducing Work Friends

Proven Results

Launched in 2020 during the Pandemic, this award-winning app successfully transformed recruitment and retention in one of the most challenging sectors, Adult Social Care.

“The app is an innovative and accessible resource that is a game-changer for the care sector” 

Professor Martin Green OBE
Chief Executive, Care England

“We’ve been impressed with the results and positive feedback from employers. It’s, quite simply, exactly what the care sector needs” 

Oonagh Smyth
Chief Executive, Skills for Care
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candidate conversion ratio compared to 83:1 for common candidate sources

0 x

improvement in year one staff turnover

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additional new starters – hand picked by your staff

Key Benefits

For Your Business

  • Access hidden, passive candidates in your local community
  • Massively increase your employee referrals compared to a manual scheme
  • Empower your staff to build your brand on social media
  • Motivate and reward staff with discretionary bonus points for performance

For Your Staff

  • Easier to refer friends direct from their phone in just 3 taps
  • Earn micro-rewards for each step of the process, not just for successful hires
  • Stay motivated and engaged by earning extra bonus points for good performance
  • Easily keep track of how many points/cash they have earned and choose when to cash them in
  • Leaderboard makes referring fun and competitive

For Your Recruiter

  • Generate a regular flow of high-quality candidates
  • Integrates with your ATS
  • Save significant admin time through automation
  • Save time and money with up to 5X less year one attrition of Work Friends referrals compared to other candidate sources
  • Build trust with staff by never missing a referral payment

What Our Customers Say...

What Our App Users Say...

“The daily app messages are lovely and add so much value to using the app, on top of earning extra money”

“I love earning referral and bonus points you can cash in at any time, and the points leaderboard really spurs you on to do more!”

“It’s phenomenal sharing jobs so quickly and easily and encouraging great new people to join our team”

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